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Technology Broker
We connect Canadian & worldwide
IT and IoT manufacturers with
IoT end users and installers in LATAM

IoT brokerage

IoT brokerage for installation and integration with IIOT in Latin American Market.

Training for IT/IoT/IIOT

Specialized technical translation services,  techcnial copywriting and media assisted training for IT/IoT/IIOT integration.

Web Design and Hosting

Graphic design, web and brand design, hosting  & domain services.

Hosting and domain

plans from $3.75/month.

We offer the most cost-effective hosting plans, with 24/7 support
Keep your project online with 99.9% uptime and our georedundant infrastructure. Your data is mirrored in two data centers, so your hosting stays uninterrupted even during maintenance and outages.

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  • See our copyright/technical translation demo into Spanish
  • How we can support your presence in LATAM
  • Discuss customized assistance for penetration in LATAM market